Meet Frank

Hello! Thanks for coming to my site. Here you'll find some samples of my work and hopefully get to know a little about my personality. I currently work as a Creative Technologist at Mekanism. When I'm not doing that I'm usually hiking, camping, home-brewing or googling something about one of those topics. Check out my work and contact me with anything that comes to mind.

Creative Technologizer

What is a Creative Technologist anyway? Well I'm the type of mind that does the reading so you don't have to! Basically I know how to do some code, know how to design, can develop wireframes and I also have the ability to formalize a strategy to connect with online consumers. Learn more in my about section.

Digital Strategy

I've done everything from user personas to brand workshops with my clients to help inform and develop their digital strategy. Working with a brand I can create a social, SEO, web and experiential campaigns that tie back to specific KPIs. OK that's a lot of marketing jumbo, but I do that! Basically I help lay out the ground work to help brands be successful.


Ever since I was a wee lad (not peeing my pants) I had a knack for art. Mostly now I just use it to draw beer labels for my homebrews and doodle pictures of Val Kilmer being a legend but that wont help you understand my talents will it? Have a look at some of my work. I focus on creating digital and user interfaces that scale to all devices and focus on user behavior. Oh and theres some logo/branding work in there too.

Ux & Front End Development

Thank you Google for putting the power at our fingertips. In my design infancy I really wanted to know how a site visually came together. Lucky for me there was a wealth of online resources for this and take advantage I did. Self taught front end developer here. I also create annotated wireframes helping everyone get on the same page and eliminating project burn with multiple design or coding revisions.

Digital Strategy

Check out some projects I've worked on and how I approach digital solutions.


I have a degree in Art Direction and have done a lot of web work along with some brand work. See for yourself.

UX & Font End Development

Nothing pretty to look at here. But these are the details that get the job done right. If you're into layouts and code this place is for you.