About Me

From mobile to social to websites (and the occasional screensaver) I’ve has been crafting digital experiences for over 10 years. I’ve held titles from Designer to Front End Developer to UX to Art Director and use my diverse background in digital to my advantage for elevating ideas to achieve project success.

Boom! Elevator pitch. Palms sweaty with nervous anticipation to click “contact” yet? Well ok then, how’s about I give you a little more.


Oh yea… that’s the stuff…

Currently residing in NYC (ok Brooklyn) working for the ad agency Mekanism as a Creative Technologist. I enjoy the fast pace atmosphere and the ability to pitch crazy tech ideas nobody really understands. My approach to my work is simple. What’s the most complex thing I can think of that only I will understand and then how do I distill it down to a paragraph for others to get on board.

I’ve traveled all over this great land and along the way have enjoyed in many different ways my two other passions. Hiking and Beer. I’ve hiked just about the tallest peak in every state on the Eastern Seaboard and have tackled many a mountain in the west. I’m also recently an award winning homebrewer and have brewed on a few professional systems. Beer recipe building connects closely to the work I do every day. Check out my blog here for beer updates.

Palms sweaty now? You know what to do next.

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