Digital Strategy



Digital strategy can mean so many things these days. It becomes so confusing. *Le sigh*

Well let me tell you how the dictionary of Frank breaks it down. Digital Strategy = Knowing who, when and where somebody gives two S’s about talking to and learning about your brand connected by a series of tubes that span the oceans floors.

Basically there’s no quick fix for any brand. While Coca-Cola and Pepsi should be engaging on every social channel they can to maintain face White Rock Cola can probably just get away with pretty pictures on Instagram. I’ve lead two agencies towards establishing digital practices and I’m only getting better at it.

Building personas and digesting statistics for how consumers use devices and common internet habits can get pretty boring. But they’re so necessary to land on an idea that will make sense. Here’s a quick list of strategy exercises I specialize in.

  • User Personas
  • Competitive Auditing
  • Social Auditing
  • KPI/Metrics
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Website Strategies
  • Technical Implementations (Servers, CMS, APIs)

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