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I’m not sure why people cringe at the thought of wireframes, content maps, progressive disclosure and information architecture heuristics, but man. They suuuureee DO! I mean this is the moment you first get to say “Wouldn’t it be cool if we _____” without any implications what-so-ever!!

Ok sometimes you’ll get a disgruntled project manager but that’s part of their job so let them do the grumbling. I love running workshops and getting all the right people in the room how can make the key decisions that will enhance a digital experience. As far as I’m consider one to two pages is all you need for your site. So long as you have a kick ass experience somewhere in there you’re going to make the impression you want.

If this type of stuff scares you or you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! I HARDLY make fun of somebody on a first date.

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